Getting to know you: Sisi

Smart + beautiful Sisi

Smart + beautiful Sisi

Sisi has helped Montana Bones in many ways:  ongoing business encouragement, retail location suggestions, and modeling.  She keeps those around her laughing, and thinking--such a great combination in a friend.  Let's get to know her:

*  Most unusual fact:  15th generation owner of a German vineyard Weingut Richard Böcking

*  Favorite place ever visited: Angor Wat in Cambodia

Pro tip for living with 3 active boys: Always keep earplugs in the kitchen junk drawer.

1.  Generation # of Montanan - I'm an import from the East Coast- hope to be an honorary Montanan soon. 
2.  Proudest moment (in 10 or under words): buying my first apartment in NYC at 25

3.  Day job:  Selling our family's wine

If you spot this necklace in Germany, it's probably Sisi.

If you spot this necklace in Germany, it's probably Sisi.

4.  Favorite Montana State Park: Three Forks- history, beauty and wildlife all at once. 

5.  Number of times you hit snooze always 2.

6.  Favorite Montana Bones: product tie between coin necklace and skull clutch

7.  Favorite National Park: Everglades National Park

8.  Top style advice for living and dressing in Montana: wear wool socks inside fabulous boots.

OR Those pheasant feathers your husband harvests from his fall bird hunt look great in your hair,  your lapel, your tablescape, on present wrapping AND on your Christmas tree!


9.  An activity you daydream about: raising bees.
10.  Your role model and why? St Julian of Norwich; author of the first book in the English language known to have been written by a woman. 
11.  Another Montana based clothing brand you love Canty Boots

12.  How you became friends with Dana - I became her substitute best friend when her BFF moved to Boston for one year- on the first day I moved to Helena 7 years ago. 

13.  MSU or GRIZZ fan? I always support Agriculture: MSU

14.  Point farthest East and West you have traveled in Montana: Tanmany and Billings Ice Rink
15.  Which Indian Reservation have you enjoyed visiting:  The Pamunkey Reservation in Virginia, Pocahontas' tribe
16.  Favorite unusual food. Lobster...and Fois Gras

17.  Product you wish Montana Bones produced: ipad cover or protective case (good suggestion Sisi!)

Montana Bones clutch and Canty Boots

Montana Bones clutch and Canty Boots