Getting to know you: Lauren

Lauren is wearing the 32" Sterling Silver chain Montana Bones necklace.

Lauren is wearing the 32" Sterling Silver chain Montana Bones necklace.

Montana Bones is so much more than one family working together.  Our friends are much of the talent behind our brand.  Thanks to Lauren, we have some amazing shots of Canty Boots, a Montana Bones necklace, and a beautiful horse.  Many thanks also to Skye Hatten Photography!  Let's get to know Lauren in her words:

1.  Generation # of Montanan:  1st my mother was from Utah and my father was from Alberta Canada.  My father passed when I was 3 in a freak cross-country skiing accident and my mother remarried and moved us to Montana

2.  Proudest moment:  When my children hold doors for strangers or say thank you very politely.  I want my children to be the good, kind people that take care of others and make the world a better place.  

3.  Day job:  Most importantly a Mother, followed by a devoted Army wife, runner and soon a Nursing student ‍.  

4.  Interesting fact:  I was a Detention Officer when I was 19 years old.  

5.  Favorite Montana State Park:   Lewis and Clark Caverns.  There are fossils, history, bats, caves and so much to learn about.  The caves are interesting and fun for everyone at any age! 

6.  Favorite Montana Bones product:  Too many!  I would love to own one of each necklace. They are so beautiful and sparkly in person.  The keychains with leather tassels are simple yet so chic and I would carry the clutch everywhere I go if I could! 

7.  Favorite National Park:  Just one?!  Waterton National Park feels like home to me.  It is where my father was a Warden, where I lived for a period of my childhood and where my father had his tragic skiing accident that would take him from all those that loved him.  There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the rocky grey-blue ridges of the mountains there.   

Yellowstone is also special to me because my Grandpa was a ranger there.  We would go there for family reunions every summer as children and he would tell us stories around the campfire of all the interesting things that happened in the park.  Lots of Bears and crazy people!  

8.  Top style advice for living and dressing in Montana:  Layers!  One minute it can be sunny and 80 degrees and the next its snowing and 30-40 degrees.  You never know what to expect so have plenty of layers and clothes that allow for lots of movement! 

9.  An activity you daydream about:  I have a dream to someday, when my kids don’t rely on me as much, to be able to travel to Argentina and climb Mount Aconcagua.  It is the highest peak outside of the Himalayas and my father was planning to climb it before he passed away.  I want to stand on to stand on top for him and carry his spirit with me.  As he quoted in a letter to the school board to ask for time off for his expedition:   “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” (Goethe)

10.  Your role model and why?  My father.  He loved to explore and adventure.  He always made everyone laugh and smile.  One time he came upon a car accident and couldn't help the injured people so he decided he never wanted that to happen again and became an Emergency Medical Technician and was a member of the Cardston Ambulance Service.  He was also a school teacher, a Warden at Waterton Park, a Royal Mounted Police auxiliary member (volunteered a minimum of two 8hr shifts a month with no compensation), and the Vice President of the Cardston Gun Club.  He always gave life 100% and whenever life showed him his own weakness he would set out to correct it.  He was so full of adventure and life, there is no one else in this world I look up to more.  


11.  Another Montana based clothing brand you love:  Four-O-six.  Always simple and all about Montana and mountain adventuring. 

13.  MSU or GRIZZ fan?  MSU 

14.  Point farthest East and West you have traveled in Montana:  I’m pretty sure I have at least driven across the entire state.  I tend to roam the Western half more because I enjoy being in the mountains.

15.  Indian or First Nation you have visited:  I grew up across the street from an Indian reservation in Cardston AB Canada.  Kainai Nation (Blood Tribe) Indian Reservation

One more interesting fact:   We had a pet raccoon when I was a kid named Bandit.