Getting to know you: Kayla

Montana Bones is so much more than one family working together.  Our friends are much of the talent behind our brand.

This summer, we're going to get to know some of that talent and hear what makes them tick one quirky fact at a time.  Let's start with sweet, beautiful Kayla.


Kayla is wearing the Montana Bones double strand necklace.

Kayla is wearing the Montana Bones double strand necklace.


1.      Generation # of Montana family:  6th

2.     Proudest moment:  becoming a mother of 3

3.     Day job:  mother and jack of all trades!

4.     Favorite Montana State Park:  Lewis and Clark Caverns

5.     Number of times you hit snooze:  2

6.     Favorite Montana Bones product:   everything!

7.     Favorite National Park:  Glacier National Park

8.     Top style advice for living and dressing in Montana - be prepared for everything!

9.     An activity you daydream about:  riding dirt bikes again

10.  Your role model:  my dad because I have seen him overcome so much and still is such amazing person.

11.  Another Montana-based clothing brand you love:  Simms

12.  Montana State or The University of Montana:   MSU baby

13.  Point farthest East and West you have traveled in Montana:  St Reyes and Wibaux

14.  Indian Reservation you have visited:  Flathead

15.  Favorite unusual food: pickles and peanut butter.

Many thanks to Kayla for modeling for us, and giving critical ideas for styling and marketing!