Connection and the fires in Garfield County

One of our favorite things about operating a small business is connection.  Connections with our customers, folks we partner with for supplies, and store owners who carry Montana Bones products.

One collaboration I've really enjoyed has been with Tara Ryan, of Broken Barrier Leather.  Her father-in-law has resoled just about every pair of boots and shoes I've ever worn over the past 20 years.  Tara lives in Jordan, Montana and has quite a few purses she's designed and made with her small business.

I was working on a leather product and needed some expertise.  Right away we hit it off, trading ideas and samples through the mail.  Sadly, her area of the state is facing uncontained fires, and along with everyone in her area, has pitched in to fight fires around the clock.  

Tara sent me these two photos.  While I've seen "worse ones" on line, these are personal.  I work with Tara, know that she hasn't had any sleep, and that she has witnessed some people losing everything.    Having a connection with her makes all the wildfire news more personal.  

Please join Montana Bones in supporting Garfield County .  Here's some information to make donation:

Checks can be made to Garfield County Fire Foundation c/o Garfield County Bank PO Box 6, Jordan, MT 59337 or send to Circle c/o Redwater Valley Bank, PO Box 60, Circle, MT 59215
Cash and credit card donations for fuel are accepted at Farmers Union Oil / Cenex in Jordan at 406-557-2215

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