Phone call with Life is good co-founder Bert Jacobs

This is hard for me to believe, but I had a good long chat with Bert Jacobs of Life is Good tee shirts, a 100 million dollar company.  He called me yesterday.

Inc. Magazine photo credit 

Inc. Magazine photo credit 

How did this happen?  (insert Dana's incredulous face here).

Our friend Dan Stevens of Cody, Wyoming is our financial adviser and works with Edward Jones.  Dan is a great guy, and is a true friend of our family.  Dan is very successful with Edward Jones, he's worked hard and it's paying off.

The last time he was visiting our family in Helena, I was babbling about my excitement about Montana Bones.  The designs, new necklaces, and hopes for the future.  I didn't really think Dan was listening, but he was.

Fast forward to May, when Dan was in Saint Louis for an Edward Jones conference.  Bert Jacobs was a conference speaker, and Dan was impressed with his positive company ethos, and financial successes.  Even better, the company believes that capitalism can solve many social problems, and donates at least 10% to hurting and vulnerable children.

Dan, being his regular confident self, marches up to Bert after his address and tells him he has to call his friend Dana Holzer with Montana Bones, who is just starting out in the tee shirt business.  And Bert politely let Dan know he doesn't have time to "just call people".  Dan being Dan didn't take no for an answer, and persisted, getting in touch with Bert's scheduler.  I am told I might get a five minute phone call.

Really?  I am thinking, what do I say?  What do I ask?  How do I make the most of this amazing opportunity?  I dug in and researched a bit more about the company and their history.  While I was vaguely familiar with Life is Good, the more I learned, the more the company shined brightly.

I wrote a short paragraph about Montana Bones, who we are and why I love it.  I knew he'd lived in a van for five years with his brother before they got traction, and was curious what he'd tell someone like me, and the beginning of the journey.  (I am also thankful at this point I sleep inside my house each night!)

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I share the advice and insights Bert told me.  It was terrific!


Dana Holzer