Montana State Rodeo!

First Montana State University Rodeo Team member Jim Carrig, and great-granddaughter Astoria heading into the MSU Spring Rodeo.

Over the weekend, Montana Bones makers had a wonderful gathering at Montana State for the Spring Collegiate Rodeo, in Bozeman.  This winter, Montana Bones' founder Dana Holzer watched her normally shy ten year old son approach MSU's college president at an alumni function.  Kellton introduced himself to Dr. Cruzado, and told her he planned to follow in his great- grandfather's footsteps and attend Montana State.  Then Kellton spoke to her in Spanish (Dr. Cruzado's native language) and was delighted when she offered Kellton and his great-grandfather free tickets to the Spring Rodeo.  Rodeo we did!  Our group of all family included aunts and grandmothers and cousins, and we had a terrific time.  Thank you Dr. Cruzado!

Kathy Holzer, maker and designer of Montana Bones' necklaces, wore her dad Jim Carrig's belt buckle, a prize he won while on MSU's very first Rodeo team for All-Around Cowboy Champion.  The now worn engraved silver reads 1950.  The night felt like sweet history to remember, and sweet history in the making. 

Jim. Kathy and Dana outside the field house, with the 1950 prize belt buckle.
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