History of new necklace design

By Montana Bones founder, Dana Holzer

A few years ago, my family lived for 2.5 years in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  My husband's MBA came in handy for the classes he taught on business fundamentals, marketing, and other small business concepts with a Bolivian attorney/business owner.  Before our South American move, I wanted to get my head and heart ready.  In preparation, I made pendant necklaces of Bolivianos, the coin worth about seventy cents.  It shows the regal Bolivian crest.  I also made many friends and family members the same pendant and key chains.  I found that I really liked the look of the coin as jewelry.  I wear my necklace now to remember my lovely Bolivian friends and to remember our experiences of this amazing Andean country.

A similar look is now captured showing my love of Montana.  The quarter celebrating Montana has the buffalo skull, and is a nod to Montana Bone's logo.  The ever talented Kathy Holzer (my mother-in-law) and I put our heads together and designed this first necklace for Montana Bones.  We've already expanded to other colors and lengths, and we look forward to sharing our fresh designs with you.  Stay tuned!

Montana Quarter Pendant